PLM Studios- Creating in words and pictures what you envision.

Paulette L. Motzko here welcoming you to the website for PLM Studios.

Mongolian BBQ at the Fiesta Festival Buffet where Chef Romeo always makes me my favorite stir fry with chicken and shrimp and lots of fresh vegetables.

I write memorable feature stories for fabulous restaurants about the sites, flavors, the people, and all of the experience of going to Top Notch restaurants.

I work with the owners and I find out what they want me to tell the world about the restaurant and then as long as it’s true, I write it, people see and read it, and then they go there because they want to be a part of the fun too!

The fabulous fajitas at the Michoacan Gourmet Mexican restaurant in Centennial Center.

I also create WordPress blogs with for people and companies.

I have several award-winning blogs that I’ve created over the last 10 years you can take a look At as examples.


I can create headers for any networking sites like Facebook, YouTube Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Squarespace, that are eye-catching and unique.

Such as this one I created for PLM Studios I optimized especially for a Twitter header.

I can also create book covers like the one I created for my three upcoming books that I am working with a publisher on now.

I have been doing commercial photography for companies and individuals for a decade now and it is part having a great eye for framing the perfect shot, getting the right light and location, knowing different techniques and then being able to transcend the image into a work of art.

I’m a digital photo artist and can recreate images and a variety of unique ways that are eye-catching such as lithographs, sketches, paintings, Black and Whites or sepia tone and many more eye catching effects.

Lastly I’m a copywriter who writes the web content for websites.

I prefer to simply write web content that’s well written and interesting it gets people to go to your website or whatever the case may be. That’s called writing in organic fashion or I can also add in SEO web tags or categories on the backend of the site that will bring you higher on the Google search engine.